SKUSizePly Rating / Load RangeRimSingle Max
Load/Pressure (lbs/psi)
Dual Max
Load/Pressure (lbs/psi)
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
Revs per MileSLR
Max Speed
Tire Type
10000481 225/70R19.5 14G 6.75 3970/110 3750/110 32.2 20 644 15.0 81 67 TL
10000461 245/70R19.5 16H 7.5 4938/120 4674/120 33.2 20 626 15.4 81 75 TL
  1. 3D matrix sipes improve tread block robustness for a stable footprint, even wear and long tread life.
  2. Integrated blocks with tie bar enhance block rigidity for high traction and uniform wear.
  3. Wider open shoulder effectively handles turning side forces and resists tearing for extended tread life.
  4. Balanced rib ratio distributes pressure evenly for excellent handling and driving comfort.
  5. Optimized groove angle with stone ejector enhances self-cleaning for long tread life and less downtime.