Commercial Tires

  • RDR52
    Closed shoulder drive tire with 3D matrix sipes and integrated tread blocks with tie bars for dependable traction and uniform wear.

  • RDR55
    Open shoulder drive tire featuring a wide shoulder, balanced rib ratio and optimized groove angle for improved tread and casing life.

  • RTR51
    Trailer tire with multi-dimensional full-depth sipes, corrugated colling fins and a chamfer3ed solid shoulder for long mileage and even wear.

  • RTR71
    Trailer tire built for demanding spread axle trailer applications with a robust casing for resisting cuts and chips that can occur in high scrub situations.

  • RDR65
    Open shoulder drive tire with 3D matrix sipes, integrated blocks and stone ejectors for dependable traction and even wear.

  • RAC55
    Durable all-position tire for construction and waste applications. Enhanced chip/cut compound, open shoulders, stone ejectors and integrated tread blocks for excellent on/off highway use.

  • RMR51
    Regional steer/all-position tire with integrated sipes for superior all-weather traction and cooler running for extended tread life.