SKUSizePly Rating / Load RangeRimSingle Max
Load/Pressure (lbs/psi)
Dual Max
Load/Pressure (lbs/psi)
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
Revs per MileSLR
Max Speed
Tire Type
10000501 315/80R22.5 20L 9.00 10200/130 9090/130 42.8 24 485 19.9 68 161 TL
10000621 11R22.5 16H
10000631 11R24.5 16H
  1. Open shoulder pattern with tie bar provides powerful traction and self-cleaning capability.
  2. Optimized groove angles with stone ejectors deliver less downtime by effectively eliminating stones from tread area.
  3. Balanced rib ratio delivers higher mileage by evenly distributing pressure.
  4. Integrated blocks with tie bar and notches provide uniform wear for longer trader life and low rolling resistance.